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  • Supension rebuild

    Gentelmen, will be rebuilding my front supension shortly. I could use some advise on the special tools needed. According to the manual there are a number of them. Both for the upper and lower "A" arms. Is it necessary to buy all these tools, or are they rentable from anyone? Secondly, is there any "homemade" tools that can do the jobs?
    Thanks for your help. Bob Fish

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    When I did mine a couple of years ago, the only special tool I "needed" was the spreader tool for the trunions. I made the tools that keep the A arms from getting crunched up when you press in the new bushings. I used large sockets to press in the rubber bushings. I used my snap on bushing tools for the king pin bushings. You will need a press or access to one. For me the worst part of that whole process was getting the old "rubber" bushings out of the A arms. Take your time on that one... I ruined one of mine trying to get a really stuborn one out. Thank goodness for parts cars...
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      I found one c-frame bushing press tool to be useful as well. I wrote a post on it at .

      My whole front-end rebuild is posted as well, if you search for the tag "suspension" you'll find the posts.

      Good luck and happy wrenching!

      Clark in San Diego | '63 Standard (F2) "Barney" |


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        Hopefully, this will give you the info and tools you need.




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          Thank you gentlemen. I was sure that I could count on you. Don't have a lathe, but putting both replies to gether should get me on track. Bob Fish