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Front brake anchor block-57 Silver hawk

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  • Front brake anchor block-57 Silver hawk

    The Shop Manual says the brake "Anchor Block" should swivel. Mine do not. I have tried to remove them so I can lube them up but no luck. Are they really suppose to swivel and if so, how do you get them off without possibly damaging the post they swivel on? Apparently the brakes were OK in the past when they were obviously fixed in one position. Would it be better to just leave them fixed or take extreme measures to free them up. Thanks

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    yes they should pull right off the pins, if they do not I think I would try to free them esp. if you are replacing shoes. penetrating oil and/or heat? if you take the flame wrench to it though I'd remove the wheel cylinder first and also maybe buy some new blocks for insurance. I'd think that would be an inexpensive part even NOS?

    another thought... if you are doing a full overhaul why not just remove the backing plates, clean 'em up and do the electrolytic derusting thing? Probably won't free the block but will get all the other gunk out of your way, and possibly give the penetrating oil an easier path.

    Finally... if this is a high miles car pay attention to the "pads" the shoes ride on. Sometimes they get grooves worn in them and need to be welded up and ground back down to make them nice and smooth again.

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      I agree with Nate; a little Kroil or PB Blaster, a little heat, a little patience. After it's soaked for a bit you could even give it a bunch of taps with a punch and hammer. The impacts will help break the oxide bonds. It will come apart. Clean the surfaces well and coat with anti-seize before reassembly.
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        OK guys, Gotter done. A lot of work but I guess it needed to be done.