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headlight dont work properly

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  • headlight dont work properly

    when im driving my studebaker lark 63 the haedlight working and somtimes stop working like flasing culd it be the regulator or somting else?
    thenk you

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    Your headlight circuit breaker is tripping. You either have a short or a weak breaker.
    JDP Maryland


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      thenk you
      first to put now breaker
      then i will se its hapend when the car is muving


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        Studebaker issued a service bulletin about this for your model. Seems some of the breakers were installed with the wrong size or just defective. Funny thing was that a lot of people did not experience the problem until 20 years later.


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          well then i have to find new breaker for my modell


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            If it's a recall! They are good forever!! LOL

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              Geoff, The wrong circuit breaker bulletin was for four-headlight 1964 models that accidentally got a breaker for two-headlight models installed. Since this is a 1963 Lark, it wouldn't apply.

              If a new breaker does not cure this, oforstudebaker, start looking for resistance at connections such as the dimmer switch. These can cause additional resistance, tripping the breaker no matter how good it is. BP
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                Also, look at all of the nuts and washers on the switches, and the circuit breaker itself, as leaking wiper gaskets can let moisture get to these parts, and increase resistance. From the school of hard knocks.


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                  To amplify what Bob and Chuck just said: Be sure the switch itself is passing current properly as well. My (supposedly cleaned and refurbished) switch had such high resistance that it not only worked intermittently, it melted the insulator on the hot feed. Test that switch: put an ohm-meter on the H terminal and then test the other 3 terminals for resistance in all three positions. If there is any resistance in any position other than the "off" position, ditch that switch and get a new one!

                  And re: the moisture: not only the windshield gasket, but the gasket that seals the fresh air vent when it's closed. My dashboard is actually rusty underneath because of these things.

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