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    JUst so i got my 2 cents in. On my Lark 259 i did away with the engine fan and installed a pusher perma cool 2900 cfm 16 fan on the front of the radiator. I parade the car i race the car its has never overheated. i also installed a thermalk switch so my fan only runs when the engine gets up to 180 dgs. it will shut off when back down to 160 the fan cost me 110 bucks the therm kit about 35. install was simple. on the other side my hawk has a new radiator a big hawk fan shroud and had the block thoughly cleaned when it got rebuilt. it also has never over heated runs great although its a stick so i have never paraded it. radiator 300 bucks cleaning the block 65.
    there is my two cents.
    if you go with an electric just make sure it is big enough to do the job.and i like pushers

    Erin Hays
    1961 Hawk
    1962 Lark
    1963 Wagonaire