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    Originally posted by mrobertweiss View Post
    The biggest issue with using the alignment tool was getting the 15 degrees right/left wheel-turning accurately done. So I just got tired of screwing around with it... I may need to pick up some turntables, because scribing the 15 degrees was a real nuisance.

    I used four cheap pizza tins for turntables. Cut the rolled edges off, and put two under each wheel with some grease between the two tins. Not as snazzy as store-bought turntables, but worked for me. Figure out what 15 degees is on the circumference of the tins and mark them to get the wheels turned accurately.

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      I used the pie pans. They move a little relative to floor and themselves, and are not very accurate. It's difficult to get one pan to slide on the other, even with grease, cook oil, etc. A difference of 2 degrees error throws a significant error into the caster calculation with the digital gauges.


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        I've used floor tile, galvanized tin, or anything smooth with heavy gear oil. Makes a mess though. I mark the angles on the floor but time consuming to get them right. I use a bubble gauge. .


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          Originally posted by Mike Van Veghten View Post
          Most cars today drive around with much more (+) caster thAn is possible with the Stude suspension,
          SomedAy you will grOw up, thAn thIngs will gEt bEtter around hEre.

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            This is the first I've heard of a early & late spindle. When did the "late" spindle come? I have had a pair of the quick arms for a few years now intending to put them on my 63 Hawk, but if that still has the early spindles, I guess it will have to wait.
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              Your '63 should have been OEM with the later spindles.

              jack vines