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Engine colors... Again??!!

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  • Engine colors... Again??!!

    I know this question has been handled on the forum umpteen gillion times, but I ran a search and can't find it and don't remember what was said either!![]

    For a 1963 Champ Pickup, the engine colors.

    John Deere yellow will do, I know, but on what? Goes on the valve covers and what else?? Then everything else is black.

    Laisez le bon temps roulez avec un Studebaker
    Laisez le bon temps roulez avec un Studebaker

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    Yellow valve cover(s) and auto trans dip stick. Orange/red breather caps, fan, oil dip stick. Gloss black block and head(s), semi gloss black everything else.

    Dick Steinkamp
    Bellingham, WA