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Stromberg Carb installation pictures

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  • Stromberg Carb installation pictures

    Hi all,

    My 1963 259 Daytona has never had the correct carb on it during my ownership. That's soon to change, and I was wondering if anyone has or can take pictures of one thats installed so I can see where things hook up. Of particular interest is the heat riser plumbing, but the rest is helpful too.


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    Ron, there is no "heat riser plumbing." The manifold heat riser valve has no connection to the carburetor; it is a self-contained unit at the exit of the right exhaust manifold.

    Do you mean the tube that connects the choke stove to the automatic choke housing? If so, the pipe comes out of the choke coil housing and loops around before being inserted in the choke stove pipe coming out of the exhaust crossover under the carburetor, the crossover passage being a part of the intake manifold that goes from one head to the other.

    It's an easy slip / push fit into the manifold pipe. BP
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      Thanks Bob. That is the pipe I was thinking of. I just got my terminology mixed up. I have 2 carbs for the car (from a 63 and a 64) which are slighly different. I have rebuilt the '63 unit. The pair came in a box with pipes and tubes and linkages and springs for both (loose) all mixed together, so I am trying to figure out which bits are meant for which carb.

      The carb on the car now is from a 1977 Buick V6 at the wreckers... it served reasonably well for the past couple of years when the only movements the car made were 100 yards or less, but now I have brakes and a windshield so I might want to drive it for real