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Interpreting line setting production order

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  • Interpreting line setting production order

    I,m a newbie looking for information on deciphering the line setting file copy of the production order for my Stude which has been setting for 19 years waiting for me to get back to it.Finally decided it's time or I'll run out of time.
    The description reads Model 15G K5 Bomb -what is the Bomb desigination (paint color?)
    2nd line-paint P2528 Chad Black -is this the trim color or roof color?What is the # significance
    It appears the car was once a red-orange with black hardtop-Does that seem right with the previous info on the production order?
    Also-3rd line -trim 8009-how do I decipher this?
    The rest all seems to make sense in descriptions of optional equipment.
    Thanks in advance for any info you can help me with. Bob

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    P-2528 Chad/Black is the code for your Chadron Red with Black top two-tone Color combination.

    "Bomb" is the Western Union Telegram code (abbreviation) for your Model of Car and Transmission type.
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      Its not exact, but the bottom car in my signature image is the color your '54 Champion hardtop was.


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        Thanks.Where did they come up with the Western Union Telegram code.I'd like to read more about them.Are there others or a listing? Bob


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          There are many parts ordering Telegram code words listed in the front of the Studebaker Chassis and Body Parts Catalogs.

          I do not know where you would find the car ordering code listing, probably in some Dealer Handbook or Price Sheet.

          Update: My Bad, I should have said Telegraph Codes, thinking about it, Telegrams were too expensive to use all of the time, but were also used.

          I checked the Parts book and they do call them "TELEGRAPH CODES"

          These are GREAT:
          Ship by Boat to Duluth = "SPOON"
          Shipped by Boat to Duluth = "SPOONED"!
          Answering letter unfilled orders are = "REEVE"
          Wire reply to party making inquiry = "WALTZ"

          OH, this sounds like even more FUN! At Canadian Points, these NUMBERS are substituted for Letters!
          A=1, B=2, G=3, H=4, J=5, M=6, R=7, T=8, U=9, O=O, X=X.
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          Second Generation Stude Driver,
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            I just think its kismet, but a 15G K5 Chad/Black is something I consider a cute little "bomb" in any case <G>

            here is a link to the paint chips, and the second page lists the codes for that colour combo. Notice that it is P-2528-C on the chip charts as well. So, if you HAVE a code on your production order, and there is no way to determine from the car what the original colours were, this can help.

            To follow up on Studerich's comments, of course there is DRAMA = give definite delivery date (as in right! now! dammit!)