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  • 62 Lark Ammeter

    I decided to replace the old idiot light with a new nos gauge cluster. Cannot get the new ammeter to work. Does anyone have a circuit diagram for a lark with the ammeter? Have just a Hawk circuit which does not work on this car. Need a readable circuit diagram for the generator, voltage regulator and ammeter. Gas gauge and temp work - oil pressure is plumbed to right hand head and works thru 1/8th in copper tubing. Thanks a lot. Its nice and sunny out here in az and want to drive the car more.
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    This is not for a 62, but for a 63 Lark - standard with ammeter. maybe it will help...

    oh, alternator, not generator....

    1963 Lark Daytona HT - 63V J8 175


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      Thanks George:

      I would like to replace the old gen with an alternator so maybe should do that first. Can't find the ammeter on the
      color diagram but I am sure its there somewhere. Boy, thats a great picture, and I am sure its not an original Stude publication either. Every connection I have tried either peg the ammeter in the negative direction or does nothing at all.??


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        Albert; it really boils down to this: the Main Power lead from the Solenoid, Battery Cable side has to go into the driver's side of the Ammeter and the Load wire has to come out of the passenger side to the Batt. term. on the Ign. switch. That's really all there is to it.
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