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  • More spring questions

    I'm removing my rear springs (53 coupe) to install new bushings.
    So far , removed gas tank, and have one spring out, O what fun we had..

    Since I will have them out I'm thinking new slider material between leaves.
    Does anyone know if those spring clips are reusable, or how to remove them if they are, or where to get new ones if they are not?

    This is not a fun job i gotta tell you, those front bolts are just siezed solid, I spent a long time under the car with a sawzall just to get the one side out.
    I f you're thinking of doing this I would allow several days, just based on my progress so far.

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    there's a lesson in there about using anti-seize... unfortunately Studebaker didn't get the memo!

    I think those clips are an off the shelf part at a spring and driveshaft shop, but if your area is anything like mine, good luck finding one!

    55 Commander Starlight


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      The Studebaker Vendors at have the liners or spacers between leaves and pads for the Diff mounts, the clamps may be available at the spring Mfg's like Detroit Eaton Spring.
      I don't really know what you mean by "Clips".
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        As a matter of fact John, I just removed the rear springs from my 53 this past week....ya it can be a bitch....then you have to remove the bushings.
        I used a deepdish socket a couple of washers and nuts and a length of threaded rod..about four hours later...all done
        If you have a Benson auto parts in Wallyburg they have the spring liner...I did the wagonaire springs last year, they will also band the springs.
        Studebaker International sells the bands and liner.
        Nates right... anti-seize should be used

        Bill Foy
        1000 Islands, Ontario
        1953 Starlight Coupe


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          Most any city will have a spring shop. Trucks and trailers are their main customers, but they can do anything spring related. They'll have bushings, liners, U-bolts, spring clips and so on.

          jack vines


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            I have been spoiled! I replaced the rear springs on my 52 Ragtop, in about an hour or so. The bolts came right out with no problems. It's also a "California car" high desert!

            When you get new bolts, be sure to get some grade 8 ones. I think the originals were grade 5.

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              Thanks all. Compared to getting the springs out I think the bushings will be considerably easier. I have a press which should help I think.
              I'll use LOTS of anti seize when it goes back together, should be good for another 58 years.