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Radimeter Repair?

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  • Radimeter Repair?

    Some smarta$$ cut the lead going from the Radimeter gauge to the bulb at the firewall.

    Can this be fixed?

    I don't have the bulb, does anybody know where it mounts to the engine?
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    There are plenty of insrument repair places that advertise in places like Hemmings that can put a new bulb and tube on for you. You have to send your gauge to them and indicate the length the tube needs to be. The old bulb and part of the tube may still be attached to the engine block. I can't help you with the exact location though. I have the same problem with my 41 and intend to send out the gauge in the coming months to have a new tube put on.
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      The bulb screws into the side of the head towards the back on the driver's side.

      If you need a bigger picture click here.

      The bulb and capillary tube are filled with alcohol. I have never repaired one myself but I am told the tricky bits are avoiding air bubbles and preventing the tube from being pinched or blocked. I am lucky that mine still works like new!


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        There is one for a 1955 Studebaker for sale on EBAY. Will it fit?


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          Aftontrix, I think the one one ebay is electric. It has two studs sticking out the back and no tube and bulb...
          Nvonada, I have the bulb in the same spot, didn't notice it before cause it was hiding between the oil filler tube and the ignition coil.

          I guess I can take the bulb out and send it and the meter out to be fixed. Anybody know what type of alcohol is used?
          1948 M15A-20 Flatbed Truck Rescue
          See rescue progress here on this blog:


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            Here is what I am planning on doing when I get to this problem. Neal


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              Neal in NM, If you find a good place to buy replacement bulbs with capillary tubes, please let me know.
              1948 M15A-20 Flatbed Truck Rescue
              See rescue progress here on this blog:


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                It's nice to see that '33 Plymouth site is still working. I read elsewhere that Mr. Dick Evans mentioned in that article passed away last year.
                Here is another specialist I've seen mentioned on several forums:
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                  I would send the original bulb and fitting out with the gauge. Maybe the old one can be reused, either way you want the new one to be the same size. I think the fitting in the head is an ordinary pipe thread so you should be able to find a plug to fill the hole so you can run the engine while your gauge is out for repair. Looks like a fun project!


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                    You could be correct. I thought the screws could be how it mounts into place. Here are several more. I do not know what they fit.