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Aluminum Cam gears.

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  • Aluminum Cam gears.

    I have two aluminum cam gears and I would like to use one on an engine I am
    I have manuals covering most years in the 50's and 60's both car and truck.
    I cannot find the numbers in any of them.
    The two numbers are : 1546414 and 1685671.
    Both are made by Alcoa.
    Appreciate it if you can Id them.


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    If you reading these numbers off the part it is most likely a casting number and won't show in the parts books. V-8 part # is 1685777 You don't indicate what engine you are working on but Champion both early and late and big six also have aluminum gears available but then you know that as you have the books.
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      Mystery Cam Gears

      Suggestion: If you match the teeth, diameter and timing marks of a new or used Celeron (fiber) V-8 Cam Gear to the Aluminum ones, you will know if they are 1685777 V-8 Gears.

      Do they have a lot of odd concave/convex shapes going from center to edge? Do they have a steel ring on one side like a snap ring? if so they are original, not reproduction gears. Reproductions just have a plain center with lightening holes, and should not have Stude. casting numbers.

      The correct numbers should be in the Truck Chassis Parts Catalog and are most likely 6 Cyl. gears. 1552944 is a H.D. '61-'64 170 OHV 6 Aluminum Gear.
      This one was obviously first used on Taxis & H.D. Sedans, as the part number is a Car, not Truck 6 or 16 number.
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