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Silver Hawk 57 rear quarter window

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  • Silver Hawk 57 rear quarter window

    It is time to recondition & paint the rear quarter windows and I am hoping someone will send some wisdom my way. I have the new seals (Mr Fennessey) and I can see that I will need to drill out the rivits at the hinges...located on the outside of the frame. What about the latch? It seems like you would drill out the two rivits that hold the base to the painted frame?????? Does anyone know what rivits (Lowes, McMaster Carr, SI......) I will need to re-rivit? Am I wrong on what rivits to drill out? Any ideas on how to flare the rivits at the hinges (not much space in there for a punch and swinging a hammer)? I looked at the shop manual and didn't get much info there.
    THANK YOU for your help. IMHO this forum is a huge pool of knowledge and experience helping many of us "take it up a notch".
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    OK, I'll take a swing at this. I've just completed my '53's rear quarters, and here's what I found: the latch rivets are hard to find (through conventional Stude sources). I've been told that SI has them, but my inquiry there didn't turn up any matches. I had new latches, so I also had to replace the rivet that held the latch to the window. Those are unique (they have a square portion that holds the rivet in place on one side), so I had to make them up on a lathe. The hinge part can be re-riveted with conventional steel rivets. If you can find the latch rivets, I'd use them, but I used 4-40 stainless button head screws. We'll see how they hold up. The seals aren't too hard to put in; wash with hot water and soap to get off the mold release, and then use soapy water to help when you re-insert the seals. I used plastic wedges to help getting the seals back in; make sure you line up the holes for the hinges first.
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      I used stainless pop rivets, forget what reach. seemed to work fine, but nobody really sits in my car playing with the quarter windows... ever...

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        I got tired of searching, bit the bullet and ordered rivets from SI, part # 265879W, chromed oval head, $1 each. Did put them in with a punch and hammer. It can be done.
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          Ah, a big thank you to Brad for the part number. SI can pick out the bit easily with a number, but I'm sure that my description of the part threw them off the path. Now the real thing is on the way. Thanks again.
          '53 Commander
          Art Morrison chassis
          LS6 ASA/4L60E