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    You think the Windecker Eagle was neat, you should have seen what was on the drawing board. The Eagle was basically a Cessna made out of plastics. The new plane was going to be made of a foam core type of construction. No lines, no ribs, no nothing. The orig. was so tough, you could hit it with a sledge hammer and not hurt it. The one on the drawing boards was stronger. I know the last fuselage that we layed up, with vertical stabilizer weighed in at 70 lbs., alas, not enough money to fund the project.
    You know I was at the Applied Research Lab at the Univ of Texas about three years ago, and there were two fuselages sitting out in the sun. I asked about them, and they said they do strength studies on them every month, and send the report somewhere, but they were not at liberty to say. Anyway, they said those two fuselages were stronger now, than when they got them, all those years ago. Fascinating stuff. Ole Windecker didn't make a bad plane, considering he was a dentist by trade.


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      John Wolfe & Co.
      36420 Biltmore Place
      Willoughby Ohio 44094

      (440) 942-0083
      I had the above outfit rebuild a temp gauge on a 49 champion. Fast turn, and quality work.

      quote:Originally posted by Chucks Stude

      Ok, I went in and checked the grounds. The wiring harness had a new ground wire in it, and I went in last night and checked the ground, and cleaned everything, to no avail. I cannot get any movement of the gauges by changing the amperage to the gauges. Seems to me that the gauges are bad. The question becomes, who rebuilds these things? They are not available thru regular channels.
      Russ Shop Foreman "Rusty Nut Garage"
      57 SH (project)
      60 Lark VIII 2dr sd (driver)

      Russ Shop Foreman \"Rusty Nut Garage\"
      53 2R6 289 5SpdOD (driver)
      57 SH (project)
      60 Lark VIII 2dr sd (driver)