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    I have seen several different types of bracket. I am pretty sure mine was from a kit made by Fram. The bracket is just a hunk of angle iron and is drilled out with a couple of different bolt patterns for different engines. When I had the engine out I considered moving it to the other side of the engine but I left it where I found it. It fits and is not in the way of the distributor, generator on the other side of the engine. It probably picks up some manifold heat but it is oil-cooled...



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      Originally posted by Skybolt View Post
      Depeding on your application. I also got a kit off ebay, but mine was for a later model 59 six, and it connected to the rear oil gallery port, where the oil pressure switch is located. It ran around the back of the engine and dumped into the filler tube. Pics show. I had a big leak a few months after the install because of the age of the kit. I replaced it with SS lines and put a small orifice plug inline. If you need details I could find them. If you are installing it on the early six then the routing is different because I have seen the filter mounted at the front of the block. If you need any help just ask.

      In your last picture, what is the long piece next to the exhaust manifold that appears to be all-thread or a spring?
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