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1950 Champion convertible frame or parts wanted.

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  • 1950 Champion convertible frame or parts wanted.

    Hi guys, I'm a newcomer to the forum and wanted to Thank Roy Valdez for letting me know about this site; I presently own a 1950 Studebaker Champion convertible with a boken convertible top frame ;its broken in 4 different sections and I believe it'll be easier just to find another one instead of fixing what I have, or if I can find some parts it will be ok Thank you for your help.

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    It may or may not be easier to find a replacement than to repair what you have. But there was some help offered in this thread:


    What is your location? There was a convertible parts car for sale in my area a while back. Someone is checking to see if it is still for sale.

    I may part with a rear window frame for your car if you don't get a complete assembly elsewhere. I could get it to Roy Valdez at the Turlock swap meet later this month.
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      I have a 49 champ convertible that also has broken parts of the top frame for sale in Alabama