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1963 golden hawk rear brake drums

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    The drum and hub assemblies are listed as available from SI if you can afford the price.



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      Steve, I have new & used rear drums for the SuperHawk, but could not get you to answer your phone!
      Barry'd in Studes


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        OK, update.

        we got the brake shoes, wheel cylinders, used hub/drums installed today, bled them, but the master cylinder is very weak, hardly enough to bleed the brakes.
        The saga continues, but I think we will have it running maybe next weekend.

        The brake set up on this 63 hawk sure is different than what I have seen. The master cylinder is under the drivers seat, there is a fill/reserve tank on the firewall, and there is a power brake booster under the hood near the left front fender. Sure spreads stuff out!

        Also, the power assist unit makes a noise like a small pig grunt when you pump the brakes while the motor is running. Does that mean the diaphram in the power assist is shot too? ( I assume there is a diaphram in there)

        We will keep on fixing this thing up one part at a time.


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          You may need to add a once or two of NEATS FOOT OIL to the booster to lube up the leather seal.
          JDP Maryland


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            Make sure you check the steel brake lines for rust too! I don't think Studebaker EVER figured on any of these cars being around this long!

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