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Ford wheels on '64 Studebaker

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    I thought you might have meant M Body cop car as this.... laMMbo


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      I finally found a set of Crown Vic Cop Car wheels today. Pick A Part (Sun Valley, CA) had a 50% off sale. Typically the wheel/tire combination are around $10 each - half price or about $45 for a set of four - out the door. Well..., they changed the way they sell them now. The tire and wheel are sold separately. The guy rung up two and they were $56 plus change. No Way! They only had about 10% of the tread left.

      Thankfully there is a independent U-Pull Parts near by. I found a matched set of four tires/wheels with 50% of the tread left. For those of you who shop self serve yards you know how hard it is to find four tires/wheels much less all the tires matching. Typically there are only three wheels - and the tires never match.

      Anyway, the set of four weren't $45 , but $88 is better than $113 at Pick A Part (with far crappier tires). It will be nice to have some upgraded rubber for the L-98, 350 under the hood. I'm doing it all on the "cheap" and enjoying every minute of it. Here are a few pics.

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        What year are they off? There were variations, good to know a starting point.
        Did you end up with 15", 16" or 17"? Stamped steel or aluminum?

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          I put on a set of '93 Jeep Cherokee 15x7 steelies, OK on the rear, needed 1" spacers on the front to clear tie-rods. Full wheel discs fit right on, tested to 80 mph with wheelspin start, no problems. Front right rim rubs inside slightly on A-arm, full lock to right. 225/70's rear, 205/75s front. Speedometer reads the same as stockers. The 1' wider on the front gives it a better look IMO. Changing to custom front half frame with Mustang II suspension with power rack and pinion so the spacers will be optonal. YouTube video here:
          $9.95 ea. + core at LKQ

          Art Rigsby
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            They are 16" stamped steel (as the image shows). Not sure what year, just that it was likely late 90's. What are the differences? I know the newer Crown Vic wheels have significantly less "dish" and look like they are for a FWD car.

            Just as a note, the Chrysler wheels in the Cop Car pictured above..., they are now over $300 for a set of four. I remember a time when they cost virtually nothing. I mention this because there will come a day when Crown Vic wheels become rare too.
            '64 Lark Type, powered by '85 Corvette L-98 (carburetor), 700R4, - CASO to the Max.