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Tree Sapp

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  • Tree Sapp

    Does anyone have a tip for removing tree sapp that has hardened over a period of years ?
    I'm thinking I've heard that you can soften it with a hair dryer and then scrape it off.


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    Try mayonnaise and some gentle elbow grease, the oil and egg protein will soften it and once it is dissolved into the mayo it all washes off with soap and water.


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      Way back when I was in college, I drove an old Plymouth Valiant. About the only thing it had for paint was tree sap and bird droppings.
      John Clary
      Greer, SC

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        The best thing I have found is Gunk brand Citrus Degreaser. Comes in a red spray can.


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          Since tree sap is organic, I use alcohol, turpentine or one of the citrus based cleaners. Warming any substance which is to be dissolved is usually a plus.

          jack vines


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            I have used vinegar full strength with good results. Also great for water spots.
            Fort Worth, TX

            1964 Avanti R2 #R-4986


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              Use a razor blade to remove as much as you can, other wise it just smears around. I use wax and grease remover from an auto paint store or Hardware store. Some of it is actually called 'tar remover' Get the right stuff.


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                W-D Spray it on a rag and try it in a small on spot see how it works.
                I have soft maple trees that are 4 foot round at the base,
                My wife parks her car under one that drops sap all over it and the W-D 40 works real good.
                The paint still looks as good as the day we bought it.



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                  My autobody tec buddy told me to use Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol and it works without wrecking the paint.

                  Don't use a razor....I did that before I knew better and did damage.
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                    Originally posted by fatboylust View Post
                    Try mayonnaise and some gentle elbow grease, the oil and egg protein will soften it and once it is dissolved into the mayo.....
                    ...just spread it on a couple of slices of rye bread slap on some ham and cheese and your fave condiments and...WALLA! LUNCH!!



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                      Saw on tv (the ultimate authority) that olive oil (maybe even extra virgin) removes sap from anything from plastic to animal fur. And it's not toxic. I know nothing personally. Well, maybe not totally. I know, that's up for debate.