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'51 Champion oil pressure bypass valve

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  • '51 Champion oil pressure bypass valve

    While cleaning the sludge out of the pan of my '51 champion, I noticed the manual said that the oil pressure bypass valve should be cleaned if the engine has sludge. I removed the plug and the spring came out easily, but I havent been able to get the piston out yet. The manual says to use a No. 12 bit to remove it. The manual doesn't give any detail. I didn't have a No. 12 bit but a 3/16" seemed very close. Any advice or direction on this? As always, I appreciate your help. John Seymour

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    I found that the crust buildup next to the piston makes it harder to pull out.
    IIRC, a 1/2" nice, clean sharp drill bit (or end mill) slowly rotated with your fingertips...cleans a lot of the crud out of the bore.
    Then you can spray some carb cleaner in there to loosen the crust.
    The #12 bit actually tries to 'bite' into the piston center hole to help you pull it out.
    If you found that a 3/16" does the, then ok...good to go.
    Just try to get it to move a little.
    Soak it a bit and try again.
    Last one I did (on Pat Skelly's GT Hawk) took us an hour and a half of patient work to get it out.
    The crust is one reason they say to do this service annually.
    BTW...Change your oil right then and there, too.
    HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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