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need help iding stude nos part #s cash paid

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  • need help iding stude nos part #s cash paid

    got some nos bumper bars need help iding the parts #s to what years and models they fit i would gladly pay some one 20.00 cash if they can look up the part #s and email me a list the # S ARE 1554300 and 1554300w 1554721 1w ? 1555172w 1555171w 1555170w i thought i had a book on iding them but i dont have the right one is the w added at the end smae as the reg #s please help if have the book ill send you the cash thanks

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    1554300 - 62-63 Lark rear, without extensions ("extensions" are the little chrome bits that wrap around the side of the car)

    1554721 - 59-60 W-F-J-L bodies rear (W = SWB 4-door sedan; F = 2-door sedan; J = hardtop (Lark type); L = convertible)

    1555172 - same as 1554300 but with the holes for the extensions

    1555171 - 62-63 Lark types front with holes for extensions (identical to 1555172 but does not have the two holes for the license plate light things)

    1555170 - 62-63 Lark types front *without* extensions.

    the "W" just denotes a chrome finish. BTW the part numbers for the bumper bars are in the chassis parts book, not the body parts book like you'd expect.

    hope this helps,


    (where were you when I needed bumpers for my '62 Lark?)

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    55 Commander Starlight