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'51 Land Cruiser 289 exhaust system

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  • '51 Land Cruiser 289 exhaust system

    The restoration of our LC includes a conversion to a 289 full flow using the original T86 spd w/ od. Rear axle has been changed from 455 to 354. I am also modifying the exhaust to dual exhaust. The carburetor will be a 2 barrel to start with. If it gets modified later it would be to either a 4 barrel or a pair of 2 barrels. Also am adding a/c w/ heater core (the underseat heater will be gone.

    The questions I have are regarding the exhaust system. What size pipes should be, exhaust pipe and tail pipes? To save space I am considering a single muffler with dual intake and outlets, anyone have experience with this set up? I have modified the rear panel below the bumper widening the opening where the original tail pipe exited to allow for both tail pipes to exit side by side.

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    On 259 & 289 Engines Studebaker used 2 inch. Exhaust Pipes and 1 3/4 inch tail pipes.
    1955 was the only year they used 2 inch tail pipes for whatever reason.
    You could go with whatever fits, if you use 2 1/4 inch head pipes they will have to be crushed down to 2 inch to fit the Manifold. You could use 2 or 2 1/4 inch head and 1 3/4 inch or 2 inch tailpipes.

    Is there such a thing as a 2 in, and 2 out muffler? There are lot of GM Trucks with one in and 2 out, but I never heard of both, and to what advantage? If you have Dual head pipes and Dual Tail Pipes there are only disadvantages to using only one muffler!
    Space under the rear seat area, should not be a problem, especially on a Land Cruiser!
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      I'll do one better on the headpipes. When I got my 2 1/4 exhaust system from Don Simmons years ago, I still retained the stock 289 exhaust manifold. That wasn't a problem, because Don had 2 inch to 2 1/4 inch headpipes to fit the larger exhaust pipes to the stock exhaust manifolds.
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        Isn't the 51 with a 8 basically the same as a 53 coupe? Any good exhaust shop can do these.
        If you are not going for racing maybe a 2" setup all way back. I can't say about the side by side.
        Here's one shot of 2" duals on my 53. I May have more if it would help.

        O btw, the 55 used 2" because of the "power kit'


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          Older BMW's with the big six (3.0, 3.3, 3.5) engines used true duals with a 2 in/2 out type muffler. Not sure if any of the smaller sixes used a similar setup, no experience with those. Not sure what the pipe sizes were. Made sense in that app because the engines were inline sixes so cyl's 1,2,3 shared one pipe and 4,5,6 the other. Would be a good muffler for a six cylinder car with split manifolds as well (essentially what BMW did from the factory.)

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            Camaros at one time(mid 70s?) used a 2 in and 2 out muffler at the rear of the car with the pipes changing sides. I remember some street rods using those because of space considerations. An on line search would probably turn up several choices.
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              Originally posted by Flashback View Post
              Here's one shot of 2" duals on my 53.
              Forgive my brief OT, but seeing the LR tire half off the lift ramp scared the CRAP out of me!
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                Thanks for the size info. not having done much other than Stude 6 cyl trucks, I wasn't sure what sizes should be used. All I had to compare to was the old 232.


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                  the 51 cross member behind the engine does not have a notch on the left for the exhaust. I will cross the left side to the right to get into the notch with the right side. then keep both on the right side, at least that is my plan. Notice you don't have a duct to the heater core. did you blank it off above?


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                    I wasn't sure what car had used them but I knew I had seen them years ago. My muffler shop will know, I hope! thanks


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                      Originally posted by Flashback View Post
                      /Cut/O btw, the 55 used 2" because of the "power kit"/Cut/
                      So all 2 Barrels had 2 inch Tail pipes IN CASE they might get a 4 Barrel and Duals?
                      Then on '56 to '64's they realized that they were not needed, even with a giant secondary, "D" series AFB?

                      I don't think so.
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                        Scott, The crossmember on my '54 doesn't have a notch for the left pipe either. I bought a dual pipe set for a '55 from Silvertone (Don Simmons).The headpipe goes over the crossmember on the left, and under on the right. Maybe you could give him a call, he could probably make something up for you. His prices are a bargain considering his pipes are stainless, you only have to do it once.
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                          Hy Scott I have a 51 Commander with duals on it the both come down the right side 2 glass packs about 4" by 3' side by side Installed a long time ago.