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1964 dash pads

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  • 1964 dash pads

    The blue dash pad on my 1964 Daytona is cracked. I had purchased a new green pad from N/A before they went out of business and plan to install it this winter. I have removed an old pad from another '64 that was totally destroyed and want to put it on that base in case it won't work and I will have to re-use my original. Any tips on installing it? I assume that it should be re-dyed blue first. Is that something I could do or would it be better to send the metal frame and the pad out to a professional upholstry shop?

    Any tips would be appreciated.

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    I want to know as well! Now that I have the red-dashed 64 Commander, and I have a SASCO green pad too


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      Can you still get the pad from the folks wo bought the interior stuff. I was going to order one from SASCO at the end, and did not get around to it until too late.
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        don't attempt to install that pad unless it has sat in 90+ degrees, in the sun or baking in an oven. The material will be quite shrunk after all these years and stretching can lead to cracks and tears !!!! You must install the dash cover on a hot day or with a heat gun, and I used a fast drying adhesive...I believe the good 3M stuff. I still got 2 splits at 7 and 5 o'clock in the gage surround opening. I did this in mid-August after setting up in the sun. Good luck....if it were me, I'd find a parts' car with a good dash and use it. Those 64-66' dashes are pretty tough. Find one from a northern state....GL


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          Thanks for your reponse. I kept my original dash just in case the new one would no install properly. It has one one large crack, which could possibly be repaired. The idea of making sure the temperature is in the 90's in a good idea as I noticed that the dash pad looked like it would be tight to install. Guess I will have to wait a while to install it as the temperature in Manatoba this morning is a cool -21 degrees C. I think that is around 0 degrees for you southerners! I say only "cool" as it may hit -30 tonight. Now that is "Cold".



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            I would not Dye it until the gluing operation is finished. If any adhesive gets on it, you can remove it without damaging or removing the Vinyl Dye.
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              Dye it after you install the pad...not before
              When using the contact cement, DO NOT go by the directions on the can which is coating both sides , letting tack up then assembling. This method will get you in trouble. Put a heavy coat on one side or both and then place pad to frame work immediatley so you have a chance to move the pad around a little before the glue sets up. Make your plans first as you will get but one chance.