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1950 Champion radio antenna

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  • 1950 Champion radio antenna

    I've just found myself the owner of a '50 regal deluxe 4 door and see i've much to learn. Presently i am interested in learning how to lower the radio antenna. Simple enough but It doesn't seem to be a casual push down-pull up affair and there is a hand-sized black plastic ANT nob on the driver-side kick panel which I suspect does something; so far I have had no luck looking on line or in the service manual. Any enlightenment will be greatly appreciated

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    Welcome to our world. Your car has a very popular accessory, the crank up antenna. Turning the ANT knob moves the antenna up or down. However, over the years they have problems. Forum member Roy Valdez will possibly also answer your question. He is very involved with this type of antenna.

    You should consider joining the Studebaker drivers club. It offers a wealth of information.
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      Turning the knob should raise and lower the antenna. If it doesn't turn freely don't force it, you may break the cable. Contact Roy Valdez for advice. He just rebuilt one for me, it looks and works like new.
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        Your antenna needs rebuilt. If you want this service, I charge $150.00 to rebuild. This includes new cable, new mast, and painted if needed. You will have to replace the mast. Call me at 530-320-6299 Send me pictures at


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          First thing I would do is attempt to clean the mast. Spray it with PB Blaster or WD40 and polish with 0000 steel wool. Carefully work the ANT knob to see if it will move after cleaning and lubrication. If someone has attempted to push or pull it by hand they have probably damaged the mechanism.
          There is also a friction fit disc in the drive mechanism that can wear out if the antenna has not been kept clean and functional.

          Roy is the go to guy to bring it back to full function. Can't over emphasize the importance of keeping it clean and lubricated.
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            Lesson#1: Never use Spray lubricant. Lesson#2: Use powder Graphite !!!!! always


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              Thank you to all of you for your info. The mast is up and I am able to tune in stations but this is something I will want to fix. I have violated lesson #1 as I tried a non-ionic Bike-chain lube but to no avail. So much to learn but this is going to be fun
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                Those bumper guards are a relatively rare accessory, and yours look like they're in good shape. Good for you. As has already been mentioned, joining the Studebaker Driver's Club is $30 well spent. I also encourage you to get a shop manual for your car. Reproductions can be had for around $30 from several vendors. Again, money well spent. Body and chassis manuals are nice to have, too.
                I have the exact same model car as you and I've owned mine for a few years, so I am glad to respond to emails if you have detail questions. I'm not that far away, either, depending where you live in Colorado. Have fun with it, good luck and Merry Christmas!
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