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Rust Products?

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  • Rust Products?

    Anyone with experience on rust prevention/coating products? Here are two I have been checking out as possible products:
    1948 M15A-20 Flatbed Truck Rescue
    See rescue progress here on this blog:

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    I am am also curious about these products. Hopefully you get a response. I am also considering Corroseal. It will be great if they work as advertised.


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      I have used both. Personally I would never use POR-15 again as I think it very over rated, but I sure many will disagree. Is Rust Bullet any better?
      To soon to tell. I used it on my 56J 3 or 4 years ago and thus far it seems to be doing the job. Of course setting in a garage most anything will work. I find Rust Bullet is easier to apply and use it for small areas. Not sure a couple of coats of a good Epoxy primer wouldn't work just as well. Over time
      I believe you will find putting anything over rust as they advertise is a mistake.


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        For hidden areas, backside of sheet metal, inside frame rails, etc. used motor oil works pretty well. Why used? I don't know, but learned about it from shops in New England which sprayed the underside of cars in the Fall.


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          My 1956J was completed just four years ago. It was a 28 month project. All I can say is the POR15 has done as advertised except for the paint on intake manifold by heat riser. But again if it sets in a garage, road wear aint an issue.
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            I'm liking Amsoil MTHD; flows like kerosene, sets like beeswax.
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              I tried chassi saver on the frame and inside the cab of my 58 gmc and its fine. The guy in Fresno who turned me onto it was actually welding on the inside of a panel that had it on the exterior and barely a nickle size spot was affected. He also had an old differential painted with it out side and it seemed to seal the rust fine and that was with no prep. Pure raw test.

              But road salt eats anything right?
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