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Fuel Sending Unit Gasket Sealant

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    If you are not sure which material(other than cork) applies to your gasket I suggest you soak it in a jar of gasoline for a couple of days to find if it will be effected. Neoprene will not stand up to gas. You can easily pull it into with your hands. You need nitrile or viton. So if your not certain i would check it. I just use cork with Permatex or Loctite #2 non-hardening avaition. You can also seal the screws with it instead of the copper gaskets. Also-If your cork has shrunk soak it in water.
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      Ok, I took the sending unit out, and it turns out one screw hole has been bent up. Is there anyway to fix this without pulling the tank, draining the gas(not much left), etc? It is more of a burr, but trying to tap it down does no good. Any suggestions?