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anyone repair '57 Golden Hawk fuel-gauge tank sending unit?

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  • anyone repair '57 Golden Hawk fuel-gauge tank sending unit?

    hi, I'm wondering if there is anyway to repair a '57 fuel-tank sending tank unit? Seems somebody might have figured out how to replace the electrical portion with a new sending unit's guts or something, so I can still make use of my original sending unit, with the 3/8" fuel line in the sending unit.
    I didn't think I was going to need it, since I got a 'new' '58 style tank and those sending units are available, but this tank has only the 5/16" fuel-line (in the tank), and I've been informed that I'll definitely need the larger 3/8" line with my supercharged Golden Hawk engine..... Unfortunately, I already got the tank redone at Gas Tank Renu, coated inside and out, and hate to have a 3/8" line soldered on it at this point. Plus, if I could make a '57 sending unit work (with 3/8" fuel line in the sender), then I could use the tank's 5/16" fitting for a return line and use the R2 fuel pump, like StudeRich had recommended a few weeks back.
    Any suggestions on how I could get this unit repaired? Or get a replacement, but I'm told they are pretty hard to come by.

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    I dipped one in evapo rust for 12 hours and it worked fine. I figured it was already dead so what could it hurt? Try it.


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      Thanks, when I get it back I can try that, but Brent is pretty sure the resistor is shot. If nothing else, I'll try to take it apart and see what makes it tick.