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Anyone know anything about these brake lines?

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  • Anyone know anything about these brake lines?

    Still shopping brake lines. Anyone heard of these?

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    Just my opinion, generally "one size fits all" doesn't.

    Most auto parts stores stock varying lengths of already flanged tubes and fittings, for far less than the cost of the kit.


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      I agree with Tom.

      I see no reason to buy this kit when factory-flared lines of specific lengths are readily available at any NAPA or other good parts store. BP
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        That is a BIG waste of money for all those fittings, it only takes 8 or 9 of them not a hundred!
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          That price is only a little less than what I paid for a pre bent kit for my F250.


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            I bought that set from a tool guy at my job. The nice thing is that it will not corrode and is supposed to be easier to bend by hand.
            I think it's called cupro, I heard Volvo and Saab use it on their cars. I wish every car company did.


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              Yeah, the weak link on our New england Volvos (since late 1970 something) has been the steel fittings and bleeders. The Copper-nickel cunifer tubing is real good.


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                Thanks for all of the good info. I agree you do not need the kit with all of the fittings. I am only interested in the tubing and was looking for input on it. I like the idea of no rust, easier to bend, and easier to make flanges. For what it is worth, they have a lifetime guarantee. You can get 25 foot of the tubing for about $28 which is not much more than steel. I guess regular fittings will work on the tubing (can anyone confirm this).

                Bordeaux, I do not know about Volvo but Aston Martin, Audi and Porsche are suppose to use it.

                Bobpalm, I would love to buy factory flared fittings if I could make them fit without coupling two or three together to make the distance needed. Five foot is the longest the parts houses have. I have no experience flaring tubing and would prefer to not have to do it. I just thought this stuff would be easier to install overall and maybe better than steel.

                Thanks again