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Bushing/Bearing Press: how many ton is useful?

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  • Bushing/Bearing Press: how many ton is useful?

    hi, I'm finally getting a bearing press, before I rebuild my Flightomatic... No more vise and hammer jobs. Looking at them online, range from 10 ton to 500 ton!!! (where do you need 500 ton!??) Seems a 10 or 20 ton hydraulic press would do just fine for putting bushings in antique cars. Also see a ratchet-manual benchtop 1-ton arbor-press for <$100 at Northern Tool; is that too small? What is a reasonable tonnage for the typical automotive uses of a do-it-yourselfer hobbyist? Thanks!
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    The Harbor Freight 20 Ton is about the size for most pressing jobs on Studes. About the only thing I use my 1 ton arbor press for is putting the back on watches after changing batteries.


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      Yes, 20-ton is about right for anything and everything a hobbyist will encounter. BP
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        thanks guys! Off to Northern Tool for the 20ton they have on the floor. Shipping cost is more than the price of the tool for some of them! :-) Happy Thanksgiving (a day late) to all. We have much to be thankful for.