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Help on T-86 3-speed O/D

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  • Help on T-86 3-speed O/D

    I am rebuilding my 55 T-86 three speed o/d trans. The Studebaker parts books I have show a change in the gears from 56 on. Studebaker International list the gears as the same. I know the output is different, but can some of you who really know tell me if the cluster gear, L&R slide and reverse idler will interchange????

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    I can't say for sure, but on teh T90 (which is a T86 with a stright cut first gear) there is a similar change that does not show up on teh Hollander interchanges...I think it is when they went to a double row of needle bearings in the cluster gear...then they got cheap and went back to a single row.. Look at teh 1st and reverse idler..if that number is the same, the cluster gear will.
    Ron Dame
    '63 Champ