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Avanti radiator ?????

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  • Avanti radiator ?????

    My 1985 with HO 305 has a leaky radiator, I did some calling around about getting it recored, $600 - $700 whoa!! I talked to Mike Myers said that he believed a core from a 63 or 64 Tbird is what was used. I'm not a CASO, but it seems a mite steep to me. Are there any alternatives? One more thing my Avanti has twin cooling fans, but it seems that the temp probe is hanging loose, where does it belong? Thanks for your help in advance, HOPE EVERYONE HAD A GOOD HOLIDAY!!! Lou Cote

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    That kind of quote sounds way too high. Maybe you shouldn't have mentioned the name "Avanti" when getting a quote! I know when you attach the word "Corvette" to auto parts needed the price goes up, so this may be the same thing.

    Radiator shops generally order cores by dimensions and whether cross-flow or vertical-flow, not application, unless they're ordering an entire radiator. For a given size core the labor costs should be the same, regardless of what kind of car it came out of. That assumes you're carrying in the radiator to the shop, not letting them do the R&R in the car itself. If they do the R&R then costs will go maybe as high as the quotes.

    If you order a core, ask for one with more cooling fins per inch, if one is available. That will increase cooling efficiency without increasing core dimensions.

    That temp probe needs to be installed in a cooling passage...either one in the radiator or the engine...not sure of where since I'm not familiar with them. Maybe the thermostat housing, but I don't know. It's not doing any good just hanging there. It could be your radiator is leaking from where the temp probe should go in?
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      This is a picture of the aluminum radiator I purchased from a seller on Ebay that fits my 83. Less than $200 shipped and it cools my warmed over 355. If you are interested, I'll check my receipts and give you a size and seller.

      I did have to add an 1 1/2" aluminum angle to the top and bottom for mounting. I still have the fan shroud and flex fan installed. Runs all day at 190 deg (thermostat setting) no matter the temperature but required a separate trans cooler. It's even American made.

      Complete installation

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        That's a clean lookin installation, Bob.
        Nice work!
        HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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          Very nice install! I'm trying to keep as origional as possible. As to letting some hamhanded individual [mechanic] put his meathooks on my Avanti Hell No!!! Some of the the problems ,radiator wise were caused by the afore mentioned installing a new waterpump on it. It looks real good with a unpainted, now rusty waterpump, he also managed to oblong the upper rad hose fitting too. Go ahead and send info on the aluminum job and what it took to make fit. At age 57, I've been working on cars since I was 17, no shop classes or a mechanic father type to learn the ropes from. Thanks Lou Cote


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            I can't speak to originality as I built mine to a driver/performance theme. Here's a shot of the brackets. The brackets on the top and bottom were too short to mount in my 83 so I added a piece of 1 1/2 X 1/8" flat stock to the top and bottom and a piece of angle to mount the shroud. I guess you could TIG on the brackets and paint it black like OEM but not my call.

            It is a direct fit for the OEM except the brackets.

            In any case here is the data. Purchased from Universal Parts Inc of Humbolt Iowa. This is the web page

            Cost $140 plus shipping
            Part # CR9606
            Size 19"X28"

            They have one with the tranny cooler for $269 although I've found similiar with the tranny cooler on Ebay for $179.

            As far as cost on a new OEM one, I just took a ton plus of steel scrap and 200# of mixed specialty scrap to the scrap yard. A rotted out 54 6-cyl radiator was worth $39 in mixed steel and brass. I'll bet the Avanti would be $60 or so, as the rotted OEM from my 83 is about twice as heavy as the 54. So at those prices, I'm not suprised to see $500 plus prices for OEM brass radiators.

            Good luck