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Release Bearing, Collar wear plate

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  • Release Bearing, Collar wear plate

    I ordered a new release bearing (throw out bearing) and it came without the collar, spring and wear plate.
    1955 Commander v8
    I do not want to damage the old parts, how do I get the old one appart so I can install the new bearing into the collar, spring and wearplate?

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all and the folks that help us out.

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    The collar goes inside the bearing, I use a large drift punch, but the bearing on a coupe short 2/4's so the collar can be driven out by tapping on the lip in a rotating fashion. The flange is facing down when you do this. Either mark the old bearing on-the new one first so you install the collar into the new bearing the correct way, ie the one side should go against the pressure plate. To install it, i lay the new bearing face down on a piece of wood and gently drive the new one in with a hammer, again going around and around the edge till it is all the way in. This way it goes in straight and you do not twist are jam it.

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      Thanks for the help

      I had that figured out, but needed the moral support to go ahead and start banging on it.

      thanks again for your help.