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cooling lines for transmission cooler ('57 Golden Hawk Flightomatic); where to buy?

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  • cooling lines for transmission cooler ('57 Golden Hawk Flightomatic); where to buy?

    Can you purchase the steel (or stainless?) lines for the transmission-to-radiator for the Golden Hawk transmission cooler? All I see at SI is 'cooler hoses', and I'm not sure if that is rubber hose to take the place (functionally) of the steel lines, or what.
    Wondering if these steel lines are something I'll have to make up myself? Fortunately there is a nice photo showing exactly where they run in the Hawk photo book I got at the Stude Museum this summer, in the shot of a '58 Golden Hawk chassis from the right side of the car :-) Otherwise I'd have no clue, since they were missing on my car when I got it.

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    The hoses go between the hard lines and the radiator; you need something flexible as the engine and transmission are not hard mounted to the chassis and will move around a little bit as the car is driven.

    That said, I do not know if you can buy them premade or not, but I would check with Classic Tube or Inline Tube; if anyone would have patterns for these it would probably be they and either company could make them in either original style steel or else stainless. I can't remember which company it was but I bought some brake lines in stainless for a 44 rear axle because the tools that I had would not make the tight bend requred to clear the traction bar mounts and those were fine.

    Alternately, if you have tubing benders and a double flare tool, making them up yourself is not incredibly difficult, especially if you have the old ones for a pattern.

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