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    Is that a zerk fitting I see behind the flange?
    Originally posted by blackhawk61 View Post
    Here You go Between the inner seal and the Bearing. http://


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      Originally posted by 1954khardtop View Post
      After seeing Blackhawks picture I went out and checked mine. It has plugs slotted for a straight screwdriver where the fittings are in the picture. Would that be from the factory or did a p.o. do this? I looked for vent holes on top but didn't find any. How big would they be ? Possibly covered by dirt/rust? Thanks
      that's the way it was done from the factory. I ASSume that they didn't leave zerks in because they didn't want the oil change guy to pump grease in there at every oil change, possibly past the seals onto the brakes, which would be bad.

      The vent holes are at the very top of the axle tube, just behind the flange, and they are very small, at a guesstimate maybe 1/16" or 3/32".

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        Vent hole's not much bigger than a paper clip. Punch the dirt out of it before you attempt to put any lube in.
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          Be careful when lubing the bearings through a zerk fitting in the axle flange as grease can be pushed through the outer grease seal and onto the brake lining. Also some types of greases are not compatable with other greases. When they are mixed, a lube failure is possible causing a potential bearing failure. I recommend cleaning and repacking the bearings with a known type of grease and then continue to use the same grease when lubing the bearings through zerk fittings. Bud


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            Thanks guys, I'll repack with wheel bearing grease, and give 'em a shot every 3rd chassis lube or so, with bearing grease. This forum is great, I learn something new every time I log on.
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