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Changing Parking Light Lens to Amber

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  • Changing Parking Light Lens to Amber

    Can anyone tell me how to change clear/white parking light lenses to amber color? Anyone done it?


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    Back in the day when amber front turn signals came into effect, it was the vogue to paint your older turn signals lens with a clear amber paint--which eventually faded. This was available at all FLAPS as well as Unfriendly Corporate Auto Parts Superstores (UCAPS). You can replace the clear lens with the OEM amber, but this is only for rear backup lens. I have the NOS now for 64-65 Lark types, and 63-66 wagons thanks to Ebay and Joseph Ziegler. For the front, either you have to find the paint likely at a hobbyist shop, or change the bulb to amber from white. The 67 Camaro did that, as one of many examples.

    If you find the clear amber paint, paint it on the inside as well as the outside. The outside keeps fading, but with it on the inside, it will still 'look' amber more so than just putting the amber bulb in
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      Why not just use amber bulbs? Neal


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        Interested in the amber look with the lights off.


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          That's real easy, I've done it. On my '40 I wanted turn signals but wanted to keep it looking stock. We just sacrificed the parking lights and added orange bulbs. Lense is still clear/white, flashes amber.
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            Amber Parking Light Lenses on a '54?

            The actual AMBER lens will just look wrong IMHO on a '54, since 1963 was the first year they were used, but if that is really what you prefer, just use Orange spray paint on the inside of your lenses, that is the only way that will work.
            Amber Translucent Stained Glass Dye should be available at hobby type stores, and that will probably look better if it works on plastic.

            I hate the way the Amber lenses look on '63 GT Hawks especially WHITE ones, just too ORANGE, I will be using the Clear late '63 and '64 Hawk type with Amber Bulbs on mine.
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              Kinda like these?.............:-) These are molded repops, a fella in Vancouver area made them up 12 or 15 pairs IIRC I got the last, so I'm told.........

              as an aside whether they look good or not, they are VERY visible especially with amber bulbs as well..........

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                Look for a stage lighting seller near you Your looking for Lighting Gels Look here
                you can find any number of colors you can change your lights to if you wish.

                All you would have to do is cut the gel to fit in front of your bulb. They do fade over time but with a standard auto bulb you can make this last for about 20 years. If you done like the look just take it out.
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                  you would have to pull the part off a older cadilac. I threw a set yester.