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1952 Stude Champ-brakes-HELP!

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  • 1952 Stude Champ-brakes-HELP!

    I have a 52 Champ I last drove in 1961. A little gas, jumped it and it fired up. It sat outside all those years and I got the drums pounded loose so the wheels turn, but the drums and shoes are grooved, rusted, and so are the shoes. Does anyone know what later model drums and shoes and wheel cylinders could be used from another make of car. I'm going to make a driver out of it, not a restoration project, so whatever fits is fine. I can't afford the price of Stude parts I've found, as I am way into retirement.

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    Those original drums can be found, no other make will work correctly.

    If you want to do a MAJOR improvement to the system, you can switch it to '54-'66 Stude. Brakes, either the 10 inch front, 9 inch rear, 6 Cyl. brakes or even better, the 11 inch front, 10 inch rear V-8 Brakes. Both are the modern Bendix star wheel adjusted type, and work very well.
    All of the parts from a local SDC Chapter Member's parts car, would be the best, cheapest method. Wait until he parks it though! Lol!
    Second Generation Stude Driver,
    Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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      Ted, where are you located?
      Winston-Salem, NC
      Visit The Studebaker Skytop Registry website at:


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        Thanks for the info.---Ted


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          Near Rice Lake Wisconsin.