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  • leaking head

    Lately I noticed a problem with my engine. It has been leaking oil or some kind of crud out of between the head and block. All the head bolts are tightened to 650 inch pounds. Would this call for a new head gasket?
    Chris Dresbach

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    I would think so. While it is off it may be a good idea to have the head surfaced.
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      You're probably looking at removing the offending head, cleaning up the top of the block, tapping out the bolt holes and sending the head to a good machine shop to check for flatness and possibly a crack. Anything leaking out between the head and block isn't good. Bud


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        It might be gasket sealer applied to an old gasket that was reused by a previous owner. I'd recommend you clean it off. If it takes alcohol or laquer thinner to move the stuff, it's probably gasket goo. Do a compression test, and if that's OK, and you aren't seeing bubbles in the coolant or water in the oil, you are probably OK. It's not like the Champion is a high-compression engine.
        Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands