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Ford 9 inch in a Studebaker 6 cylinder model?

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    Thanks everyone for your input, it isnt the direction I originally intended, but the info is very
    helpful in the decision making process. I will send him the link to read through. Thanks for
    the info again Alan, this should help someone out, heck I might even do a search for one of
    those wagon axles myself! The 8 inch sounds doable, I dont think he will be running a tire
    that with make that little Lark hook up well enough to break one. Where are you located (S)?

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      Originally posted by Pat Dilling View Post
      A Ford 8" from a Maverick is just 56.5 inches wide and they are still pretty plentiful and cheap. I have one in my 53. It was in the car when I got it, so I can't tell you much about the swap. Mine is on Studebaker springs. One thing about the 8 inchers, the aftermarket parts are actually a little harder to find and more expensive than similar 9" parts because the 9" is so much more popular. I still had no problem finding a track loc and gears that I wanted. It stands up to my LS1 just fine, so far. I am told they are good to about 400 hp.
      Same thing i have in my car, the spring perches need to be moved, and thats about it.


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        I'm in WA state.


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          I've put a 65 Mustang 8" into my 6-cyl 60 Lark 2dr sedan. Why? to bring the wheels in a half inch on each side, give me flanged axles for easy brake jobs, make a posi and a ratio change a half hour job, and to get ready for the 299 that I'm building.
          JohnP, driving & reviving
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