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Retrofitting a later swinging pedal assembly on an early Lark?

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  • studegary
    The Lark firewall was redesigned for the 1961 model in conjunction with the swing pedals.
    I have owned Studebakers that were converted from the floor M/C to a firewall mount dual M/C system. They worked well. I did not do the conversions so I do not know how much was involved with the conversion.
    I would just convert that Lark to V8 brakes and make sure that the whole system is in good shape.

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  • N8N
    If the car currently does not have power brakes, I'd be tempted to simply do a dual master cylinder conversion using Jim Turner's bracket and being done with it. I really like the solid pedal feel you get from a frame mounted master cylinder. Unless the owner of the car is of limited physical strength, the manual brakes may be perfectly adequate and I far prefer the feel of good manual brakes to any power assisted setup that I have ever driven. I don't have any experience with manual discs on a Stude, but I do know that people have reported finding the Turner discs to work well without power assist, so your Ford brakes may also work equally well, assuming that the rotor size is the same or larger and the caliper piston size is comparable.


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  • (S)
    The late Lark pedal assembly depends on the firewall, dash and steering column for support. In a 60 Lark all 3 of these are in a slightly different place/ the angle of them is different. I do not think it is a terrible situation, and can probably be done. I'd say use your angle finder and take measurements and you'll see what is involved. A 63 parts car or parts from it (including the fire wall support) would come in very handy. Original stude disc brakes need the late spindles.

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  • Retrofitting a later swinging pedal assembly on an early Lark?

    OK, this one seems like a question for Alan, but I am sure there are a host
    of people that have either done this, or looked into it. I recently have been
    assisting a virgin Studebaker owner get the ball rolling on his 1960 Lark VI.
    It has a Chevy 350 with a (as I happened to notice) TH700R4 (which could
    have been installed better). The car still has the tiny VI brakes and that is
    one area we are going to improve on. I have most of the parts left from
    the original Mustang GT brakes that donned the Avanti before upgrading to
    the massive 13" Cobra dual piston caliper brakes. Since I know the power
    setup on the Avanti worked well, I figured it was best for him to adapt the
    later swinging pedal assembly, booster, and dual master.

    I ASSUME a swap would be pretty straight forward, Studebaker historically
    did not have much money, and most running changes were done with little
    or no changes to existing parts......

    So, whats involved? Is this a non-starter, or a easy 30 minute job?