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  • V-8 Water pumps

    Which of our great vendors has the best ?......Quality and price wise.
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    Ken Byrd

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    there are 2 good ones

    There are 2 good ones I have run across, not sure how many are actually out there.

    I'll call one the LS pump which is made of all new parts and has a larger 'improved' bearing and is a good pump.

    I'll call the other one team USA which has a newer version of the original bearing and is also a good pump.

    Stay away from rebuilt pumps, old stock pumps or anything that does not sound like one of the pumps I mention. I stock both of these pumps and nothing else.
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      I get mine from Phil Harris at Fairborn Studebaker. Great guy and excellent prices.
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        Another thumbs up for Phil Harris at Fairborn Studebaker. Great guy.
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          I would like to replace mine too, before a long trip. Would someone be more specific. Heavy duty? Regular?
          What is LS or team USA? Don't someone make a HD new one ?


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            I'm not sure what Phil stocks, or how much it is. He probably has the same type I do. All new parts, new bolts, gasket and copper washers, pre tested for quality, made in USA. They are 80.00 plus shipping of about 8 bucks to the East.


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              Here are some pictures comparing the two water pumps. Reg vs. heavy duty. The end of the regular one snapped off, I believe, due to the load of the A/C. You pay a little more for the heavy duty, but the peace of mind is worth it.


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                Who has the NEW HEAVY DUTY pumps for sale? And do they replace the late 51 up pumps?


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                  Just to clear up a point about "heavy duty" pumps....the bearing itself is essentially the same between the two pumps. The body casting is what is beefed up. The bearing used in all '50 & newer studebakers uses a 5/8 shaft & 1 & 3/16 o.d. outer race. Unless someone specifically special ordered some ball-roller bearings for the v8 applications (there were none available when I was building pumps), the bearing will be of ball-ball construction. This means there are 2 rows of ball bearings inside the bearing (ball-roller styles have one row of balls and one row of rollers....which increases the load capability greatly).

                  Anybody running AC should consider the thicker bodied pumps. The other advantage of running new construction pumps (compared to rebuilt originals) is the mechanical seal. The new pumps have much better seals (unitized construction) than the originals.

                  I don't have my files handy at the moment, but I seem to think the '51 had a different hub.....I'll be able to check it out tomorrow.

                  My company supplied pumps to SASCO from the mid-sixties till about 1970 if I remember correctly (again.....too many brain cells flushed away to remember for sure at the moment).
                  Mike Sal


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                    I was looking at this bearing/seal repair kit for a Heavy Duty pump that I have taken apart on a press.


                    Is this NOS repair kit "dicey" to buy and install in my HD core?

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                      Its being sold by that should sound familiar
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                        Who has the NEW heavy duty water pumps for sale for late 51 up?


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                          Look at the comparison pics.....the HD pump is designed for a viscous or thermal clutch to bolt to it ,thus, the nose pilot is longer.
                          (the projection in front of the flange sticks out further).
                          [If] you use with a regular fan spacer, it will not tighten before it bottoms out on the spacer.
                          You must counterbore the spacer deeper.
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                            Yes, I did counterbore my fan spacer. Also, had to shorten the studs by about an 1/8". I purchased the HD pump from Chuck Collins. So, I would assume all Stude vendors can get them.


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                              Originally posted by Chucks Stude View Post
                              Yes, I did counterbore my fan spacer. Also, had to shorten the studs by about an 1/8". I purchased the HD pump from Chuck Collins. So, I would assume all Stude vendors can get them.
                              I just want to get this right. I have a Clutch fan and fan, from a Avanti. I would like to put it on a 1962 Hawk. But I don't have the Avanti spacer. But I should put a HD pump on the Hawk. So I then would be able to mount it by Drilling out the spacer to the right depth and shortening the bolts accordingly. Thanks