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Which carb port for PCV ?

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  • Which carb port for PCV ?

    Should I be using the front stock nipple or the rear port that needs a nipple? I'm using an new Edelbrock 600 now but back in June when I installed a Offenhauser intake & Carter AFB the rear port on the carb was plugged so I used the front & everything was happy.Whats the difference between the two?My Hydro-vac gets its vacuum off the intake & my vacuum advance goes to the little front port on pass. of carb. Thanks

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    Edelbrock felt the oil mist from the PCV was better distributed at the front of the carb because the primaries almost always have air flow as opposed to the secondaries opening up under higher demand. They felt the reason for plugs 7 and 8 fouling more often was due to the rear PVC. The carb is set up for either, just remove the nipple and cap the front line. If it's a supercharged engine, clamp it tight. Don't ask me how I know.
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      Ah yes...another over carbureted Stude.

      Either full open port will work fine.
      As noted, a slightly more direct vacuum will be pulled from the front , but overall the engine is working on all four carb. butterflys, pretty much equally. But with the secondaries closed, those two ports are basically dead-headed. BUT, since there is air now being pulled from the PCV line, air will be pulled just fine.

      Again, in other words, either port will work fine.