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Oily film on PCV & hose

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  • Oily film on PCV & hose

    Recently i've had a oily build up on the hose between my PCV valve & all the way to the port on the front of my carb.Does my PCV need to be replaced or does this simply indicate a leak in the hose?There is no accumulation on the valley cover or at the base of the carb, just a little on the edges of the PCV valve itself.

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    Does the engine have proper CLEAN filter media in the Oil filler cap, allowing it to breathe intake air?
    Is the flow ARROW on the PCV pointing TO the Carb.?
    Is it the CORRECT PCV Valve?
    Does the engine have GOOD compression?

    The proper PCV port on all of the Stromberg, Carter and Edelbrock Carbs. I have EVER seen is at the rear, not the front!
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      Thanks for the quick reply Studerich, It is the correct PCV & it is flowing the right way & it has great compression.However the dual breather/oil filler caps probably should be cleaned or bad.About the PCV port, I used the one on the front of an Edelbrock 600 because it was the nippled port as opposed to the one on the back which came with a bung plug.Should I cap the front port & put a nipple on the back?.....