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Mallory Unilite Ignition, Cleveland engine

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  • Mallory Unilite Ignition, Cleveland engine

    This Mallory Unilite Ignition distributor was already installed when I bought the engine. Surprisingly, to me, there is no vacuum advance. Can anyone explain as I always thought centrifugal advance was for high revs and vacuum for low/ no load conditions.

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    It probably has an electronic advance. It must be designed for knock sensors to be installed in the engine and it electronically advances the spark. My '70 Avanti has a Mallory distributor that does just that, though it's not a Unilite.

    Bit of advice for a's a good distributor but you should add the in-line filter Mallory offers (if one is not already added). Unilites are prone to blowing out their electronics if there's a voltage spike. Personally, I believe Mallory should design the filter into the distributor since they know of that potential, but they don't...they just make the filter optional.
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      Mallory suppiies the Unilite distributors either with or without a vacuum advance can. The one without a vacuum advance is used primarily for high performance engines used for racing. A street engine will benefit from the use of a vacuum advance equipped distributor as the vacuum advance will add extra spark advance at part throttle such as driving on the interstate giving you better gas mileage and a bit lower engine operating temperature. Bud