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Evapo rust: yet another miricle useage you should know

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  • Evapo rust: yet another miricle useage you should know

    I've been using evapo rust since it first came out and it is one of my favorite products for restoring hard to find body hardware, clips and nuts and bolts.

    The other day I had to clean out a gas tank to get a car running. While cleaning, I placed the non working fuel sender in a bowl filled with the product. I did not want this dirty thing in a clean tank. Whats the harm? It does not work anyway..... I let it sit overnight, just long enough to 'de scale' the loose rust. When I put the thing back together, the non working unit worked fine.

    A 5 dollar bowl of this product saved an otherwise non working part, and saved a friend the cost of a hard to find tank unit.

    The best part is you can re use the stuff over and over. WOW!

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    Sounds really good. Is it just for small parts or are you just limited by the container size that you can get the part into?



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      Where do you buy Evapo Rust?
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        I've used it too, it is good stuff... I bought mine at AutoZone. I think they have quart bottles??


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          I've never heard of it, but Google (or in this case 'bing') is our friend:

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            I'd love to see actual forum member pics of the process and before and after results.
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              more on the subject

              The stuff averages 40 bucks a gallon, you can get it at many auto parts stores, paint stores etc. I have seen lots of places you can buy it online.

              Unfortunately, Bullet -- a container large enough to dip large parts or the whole car is hard to come by!

              Here is a picture of some hood bolts that were a solid sheet of red rust. I dipped these 2 days @ 70 degrees. Thats how they turn out. I have also dipped rusted looking grille bolts etc and it removed all the rust, leaving remains of the original black oxide coatings. It wont harm chrome, cad plate, black oxide etc if you use as directed.
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                $29+ bucks at Harbor Freight. ( )

                I've used this extensively, and I'm hugely impressed by it.
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