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Back-up Light Switch on 63 Hawk

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  • Back-up Light Switch on 63 Hawk

    The back-up lights on my 63 GT Hawk don't work. The wiring in the trunk and the light bulbs look ok so thought I'd check the back-up light switch but wanted to verify it is located in the center console before removing it. The car has the standard 289 engine and Powershift transmission with the shifter located in the center hump between the front seats. Is this where the back-up light switch is located and do I need to remove the center console to get at it? Thanks

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    I think you can get at it from underneath.
    There are 2 switches, one for neutral start and the other for back up lights. These are attached to the bottom of the shifter unit.
    The switch might just be loose and needs adjustment or broken and needs replacement.