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Automatic transmission swap

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  • Automatic transmission swap

    I love my '56 Sky Hawk with the 289, but don't like the B/W transmission with the second gear start. Will a later-model tranny with a first gear start fit?
    peter lee

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    Have you considered a 'first gear start' valve body?
    The trans experts here can tell you if there's one available for your particular trans.
    Have you tried the L/D/L dance yet?
    HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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      Will a later-model tranny with a first gear start fit?
      1. For all practical purposes, there isn't any such animal. A search will show dozens of previous threads discussing this.
      2. The column shift lever isn't as positive for manual operation as is the Powershift floor shifter. However, if all the various linkages are renewed, it can be done.
      3. More than one Stude owner has spent considerable time and money to get a first gear start and then decide he didn't like the result. Again, do a search.

      jack vines


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        This link discusses the use of either a 700r or 200r GM AOD transmission. http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...ight=700r+swap
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          There is someone generally lurking on the Forum who has a '57 HD Borg Warner with a first gear start valve body already installed. It comes with the oil cooler, so you may want to adapt your radiator to that, too. Perhaps he will email you.