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85 Avanti upper rad hoses

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  • 85 Avanti upper rad hoses

    Does anyone out there have a current part #'s for the two upper hoses. This car doesn't have a surge tank, just a tube with a fitting for the radiator cap and a line to overflow/resevoir tank. The engine is a 305 HighOutput. Gates hose #'s would be a bonus. Thanks in advance !!! Lou Cote

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    Hi Lou, you need Avanti Motors part # 1700928 and 1700929 available at Studebaker Vendors.
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      Just bringing this forward as the 170028 and 170029 only fit an Avanti WITH an expansion tank. Same thing for Gates #'s 20046 & 20904. The hose that I'm looking for is the one that comes from thermostat housing to in line filler neck. It is 10 3/4 inches long one end is 1 3/4" the other is 1.580. All you parts wizards out there HELP!!!!! thanks Lou Cote RQB 4240


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        I don't know about the formed hose, which is essential if you are looking for originality but I went with a flex hose on my 83 which has the end sizes (1 3/4 X 1 5/8) you need. I don't recall the number but it was Gates and any normal auto store should be able to find it. Secondly, Gates makes rubber adapters that will take an 1 3/4 hose to 1 5/8 and bond to the hose so you can adapt an 1 3/4 X 1 3/4 hose of the correct length.

        This is my setup which is a driver not a flawless show car. The thermostat housing is not the same as yours because I had to use the adjustable one to clear the temp sensor for the Holley EFI but it is the same hose that was attached to the standard thermostat housing before I changed it.

        Sorry I can't get you numbers.

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          Try Nostalgic Avanti in Wixom, MI, they are on the web.

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            Thermo Housing

            The adjustable (rotate to change direction) thermo housing is a gosh send - They are also available in various elevation angles from the usual mail/on-line suppliers (summit, Jegs, Speedway). Was a real help in relocating the alternator to the top of the engine - Now the fan will not cut the hose apart.
            Paul K


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              Well Nostalgic Avanti's website is under reconstruction at this time, no one was answering phone there on friday. I will try again on monday. I will keep digging on this, I have found a hose that goes from the radiator to the filler neck. When I get some part #'s I will post to help others out. Merry Christmas to all !!! Lou Cote