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Lighting Problem

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  • Lighting Problem

    I have a 60 Hawk with a 63 V-8 Lark engine. The front park lights, all signal lights and back up lights will not work. Headlights lo and high work , dash lights work, rear tail lights work, and brake lights work also. The only thing done, before any problem, was installing a new dimmer switch a few months ago. Also the interior dome light has never worked. Any help is appreciated.

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    Start at the fuses located next to the turn signal flasher. Test for continuity to the wires connected there. Inspect fuses, clean and tighten fuse holders and all wire connections.


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      Backup lights only work with Lights on, ignition on and in reverse. If still no lights, check the output terminal on the back-up light switch on the steering column with a test light.

      It is possible because you have no turn signals OR Parking Lights, that the lights are not grounded, ground one and see if it makes a difference.

      If the stop lights work the dome light fuse is good, so check the wiring at the light. The manual switches on the dome light always fail, but the door switches should turn it on.
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