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53 rear fender spears

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  • 53 rear fender spears

    I've been told the spears/stainless strips are easily removed/reinstalled, but before I attempt it, can someone tell me if this is true, and any secrets to removal installation?


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    I have, and have used, what is called in the trade, a 'Bee Tool.' it's used to separate sections of a bee hive, but is readily available from Red Devil. It's basically a scraper, high carbon steel, thin and flat at one end, curved and thick at the other. insert the thin flat end under one end of the spear and twist with a crescent wrench. Repeat. You want to be gentle but firm.


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      For removal,
      Pry up from the OUTSIDE of the strip and work along the full length.
      Do NOT pry up from the trunk side (inside edge) of the strip.
      After that has been done, slide the strip towards the trunk to clear the inside edge from the clips.

      For reinstallation,
      Hook the lip of the stainless strip under the INSIDE edge of the strip, then pull slightly to the outside, and press down to snap in place.

      The inside edges of the clips are shaped differently from the outside edges.
      The outside edge is made to have the strip slid, or snapped, past it.
      The inside edge is flat and designed to retain the strip, trying to slide or snap past the inside edge will damage the stainless strip.

      This advice is not good for the GT Hawk strips as they use the same wire spring clips as is used on the doors, etc. The GT clips and the 53-55 clips are not interchangeable as the GT strips, and clips, are narrower.
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        Thanks very much, thats just the kind of advice i was looking for.



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          Ahhhh, the infamous Lark Parker has returned, giving helpful advice. You don't know how glad I am to see you back!!
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