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Problems with 12v starter sullionid

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  • Problems with 12v starter sullionid

    Every once in a while, my starter sullionid has been acting up on my '40. Usually when I press the start button, it does its job and the engine starts good and fast. Every so often though, it just either stops working entirely or makes a clicking noise. Now there are a few weird things about my cars set up. My '40 has a 12v system, not 6v. The battery and sullionid are also in the trunk. The wiring is in deacent condition with modern wires. Has anybody had this kind of problem before, and how can I fix it? Thanks.
    Chris Dresbach

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    I've had the solenoid click because of corroded connections on the battery posts. Wire brush the posts and cable ends until they are shiny clean and then put the cables back on the battery and make sure they are tight. Then try starting the car.
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      Ditto that, and also...might want to review all connections, from starter button to cables to starter to solenoid and all that. Wire brush some bits, or you can use fine sand paper on connector surfaces. Little bits of oxidation at various places all add up to a lot of impedance. Wiring itself can corrode internally under the cloth or plastic cover, often where a cable meets the connector, and it might not show visibly. A little light smear of dielectric paste, not enough to see a layer, but just enough to make it go from flat to the slightest bit glossy, can help improve connections too. Use DP like it was made of 24K gold, you don't want enough that it could melt and run....